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Hello. My name is Irma Nazario Muñiz. I am an introvert who becomes very extrovert when working with photography and when teaching. Each one of my subjects and students is special to me and each one feels my contagious enthusiasm and passion. I am also a very dynamic person, full of energy who is still amazed by a sunset, the sound of the ocean, the smile of a child or a beautiful photograph.

As a photographer, I love to capture the emotions that go beyond what the eyes are seeing. I want my subjects to express themselves and one of my greatest talents is to make people feel cared, relaxed and happy when I photograph them. By doing so and by staying away from the typical, I am able to create and capture more natural and creative interactions which bring about beautiful and compelling images.

As a photography teacher I transmit my passion for photography, not only teaching techniques but with real practice where students use with competence the skills learned in class, while at the same time have me by their side to offer assistance. Fortunately, I was born with the gift of understanding, being understood and motivating students, something I have been doing successfully for over 20 years.

The visual and emotive aspect of my photographs have been greatly influenced by living, studying, working and traveling around the world since I was 19 years old, relating to people from different countries, cultures, traditions and backgrounds. My studies of philosophy and yoga, and teaching in universities around the world have also greatly impacted my work.

Can you trust me for your project? Yes, you can. I bring you not only my experiences as a photographer but I offer it with a human touch, eagerness, a sense of perfectionism, and great professionalism.

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“Irma is a talented, creative photographer who really works from the heart. She gives herself completely and fully to her projects and is extremely supportive to her clients and the photo process. I feel blessed to have experienced her professional capacities.”

Monika Nataraj,


“Only special photographers capture the soul of a moment like Irma does.”

 Livia Vázquez, VAZCAL, Professional Consultants,Inc.
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What can I do for you?

Photoshoot me

I love to capture the emotions that go beyond what the eyes are seeing. I want the photography to express something more than a mere photocopy of what any camera can copy and re-create. Fortunately, my subjects and I click very easily. You will feel cared and relaxed while motivated to express yourself in a photoshoot with me. This way I am able to capture more natural and creative interactions which will give you more compelling and beautiful photos, away from the typical and boring poses. Get in touch.

Teach me

Teaching is one of my greatest talents and I have successfully taught with passion for over 20 years in different parts of the world. I know how to transmit with love and professionalism what I am teaching, and students feel motivated to actively participate in class. When you are in my class, you will feel special, and eager to ask any questions, even if you are shy. You will understand what I am teaching and most importantly will be able to put into practice what was taught in class. As a result you will take those awesome photographs you always wanted to take. Get in touch.

Inspire me

I love to live to the maximum and I love to learn, not just from books, but from real experiences. Like Vincent van Gogh said, “I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” When I travel and live in different places around the world, I like to experience the authentic life and people of the country. Sharing my daily life with all these wonderful people has helped me realize that there are many more similarities than differences among us and that are ways of getting along with everyone. Get in touch.

Contact me

Do you have a project or an idea that I can help you with? Do you want professional photos for your job, portfolio, for a special occasion, or just because you want to feel beautiful? Do you want to buy some photographs or see more of my photos as you are looking for something in specific? Do you need to give some spark to some old photos and make them digital? Maybe you want to take individual photography classes or you just want to say "Hi!" Please do, I would love to receive a message from you. Just drop me a line here.

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“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs…”
~Ansel Adams

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